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Built-In Billing Process Quality Assurance and Improvement

On your journey for a better billing experience, ClinicMind is your unwavering ally.

Our Billing SWAT team continuously improves your process and stays up-to-date with the latest billing trends.

They’re not just solving problems; they’re actively seeking ways to automate and enhance your billing, directly translating into smoother operations and improved financial health for your practice performance.

Straight Through Billing

Michelle Larkins
Michelle Larkins
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I have been using Billing Dynamix for a few years now. We used the system back in 2017-2020 and left due to new management within our company. After only a few months that decision was a major regret and we are now back with them! They have come so far in their advances from how we started with them to now. Charting and working throughout the system is easier than ever and we couldn't be more pleased. Trainings for our entire team were done in a timely manner and Henry was just the best and most patient associate we have worked with. Highly recommend. - Billing Dynamix

Flexibility: Software for In-House Teams or Fully Managed Billing Services

Change Your Service Level At Anytime
Residential (Live-In)
Facility (In-Patient)
Outpatient (Clinic Visits)

Reduce staffing costs and experience a hands-off billing approach that beats industry standards. Our dedicated analysts use our comprehensive tools religiously and follow up aggressively, ensuring you receive the reimbursements you deserve efficiently and effectively.


Empower your practice with a cutting-edge platform, the same one our professionals use to deliver top-tier service.We'll equip your team with our proven methodology through a detailed, structured curriculum, setting your practice on a path to excellence in patient care and operational efficiency.

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With ClinicMind

Higher Payer Collections. Fewer Problems

Practice owners enhance their revenue by effectively addressing unbilled visits, denied claims, and delayed claims with ClinicMind.

ClinicMind helps efficiently track and resolve these challenges, improving industry statistics one practice at a time.

A dedicated billing team tracks and solves these challenges leading to improved financial outcomes for the practice.

Without ClinicMind

Lower Payer Collections. More Problems.
Industry Statistics

Of Claims Are Returned Upon First Submission According To Industry Averages


Of Those Claims Are Never Followed Up On

125 Billion

In Claims Are Lost By Practices Just Like Yours Each Year