Meet Our Executive Team

Dr. Yuval Lirov

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Brian Capra

President, Professional PaaS

Jacob Bar-Shalom

Chief Financial Officer

Mylene Libres

Director, Global Human Resources

Erez Lirov

Chief Technology Officer

Babu Marella

Chief Information Officer

Dr. Roy Lirov, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Reuven Lirov

Chief Growth Officer

Kathleen Casbarro

SVP, Institutional PaaS

The Story Behind Our Story

ClinicMind was founded to address two basic challenges facing providers: a patient-provider expectations mismatch and payer-provider adversity. First, the patients have transformed how they expect healthcare service delivery, but practice owners still need to adapt their practice management methodology. Second, insurance payers underpay and delay payments because they make a substantial profit from the “float.” The float is the money insurers hold onto between the time they collect premiums and the time they pay out claims.

Our company is managed by HealthTech and FinTech veterans. HealthTech emphasizes the care of patients and providers. FinTech emphasizes efficiency and growth. Efficiency – In terms of the standard T+1 expectation, all transactions must be settled within 24 hours. Growth – In terms of both organic and inorganic acquisitions through healthcare network M&A. ClinicMind software brings the same T+1 ability, which is necessary to create the relative provider advantage in the (way too frequent) adversarial payer-provider relationship. 

Global Talent and Expertise Powerhouse

ClinicMind owns and operates two companies in the Indo-Pacific region, namely Indicle Technologies, Pvt Ltd, and Vericle Pacific, Inc. Both companies grew into powerhouses of talent and expertise. They allow ClinicMind to tap into a massive and diverse pool of skilled professionals and cater to the ever-evolving needs of providers using our solutions.

One of the key advantages of our two subsidiaries is the excellent employee work ethics. Known for their dedication, commitment, and strong sense of responsibility, our team members consistently exceed expectations. This work ethic is deeply ingrained in the Indo-Pacific culture, resulting in superior quality deliverables and exceptional client satisfaction.

Teamwork is another key aspect of the Indo-Pacific culture and it is also one of ClinicMind’s core values. All our employees are adept at collaborating with each other and with our international teams, fostering innovation and problem-solving. The seamless integration of diverse perspectives and expertise ensures that our clients receive tailor-made solutions to their unique challenges and objectives.

Finally, our workforce boasts a strong educational background, especially in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and commitment to continuous learning. This background and commitment are especially important in problem-solving professions such as software development and revenue cycle management.