MyClinicMind provides seamless access to your clinical care through the convenience of your fingertips. Utilizing MyClinicMind, you have the ability to interact with your healthcare provider, manage your appointments, and complete forms effortlessly, whether using your smart device or a computer.

MyClinicMind brings your clinical care right to your patient’s fingertips. 

With MyClinicMind, your patients can communicate directly with you, keep track of their appointments and request new ones, and fill out forms from the convenience of either your smart device or a computer.

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Getting Started

Joining MyClinicMind is easy for your patients. It is as simple as sending them your custom invitation link. Whether they are on their smartphone or computer, MyClinicMind is designed to provide seamless access to healthcare information from anywhere.

At MyClinicMind, we believe that accessing quality healthcare should be as easy as a few taps on your smart device or clicks on your computer. 

Receiving medical questionnaires is a fundamental step in providing personalized care. MyClinicMind streamlines this process by providing your patients with user-friendly questionnaires that they can fill out at their own pace. 

These questionnaires automatically update in the patients chart and even pre-fill documentation so you can spend less time typing information and more time interacting with your patient.

Medical Questionnaires

Effortless Demographic Updates

Keeping updated and accurate demographic information is crucial for effective care. 

Your patients can easily update personal details anytime when things like contact information, address, or insurance information change—freeing up time for both your staff and your patients.

Does your patient have a question that doesn’t require a full appointment? MyClinicMind’s messaging feature allows patients to communicate directly with you in a secure and private environment. These messages show up right in the system you use daily. Whether it’s clarifying medication instructions or discussing a recent lab result, patients and providers can initiate conversations and receive responses conveniently.

Instant Messaging With Patients

Managing appointments has never been more intuitive. MyClinicMind displays your upcoming appointments in a clear and organized manner. Patients can also request appointment changes if needed, and if something comes up, they can easily cancel appointments with just a few taps. This feature empowers patients to take control of their schedule and ensures that they receive timely care.

Appointment Management

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