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Streamlined Practice Management and Enhanced Patient Experience with the ClinicMind EHR and RCM Integration

Your Practice Needs The Best Software

We act as a bolt-on platform for many EHRs. By choosing a platform that allows you to integrate your EHR, you can expect:

  • Seamless Data Flow
  • Improved Cash Flow
  • Faster Claim Submission
  • Improved Coding Accuracy
  • Enhanced Compliance
  • Centralized Data Management

Genesis Chiropractic Software earned the Leader title on G2 while leveraging ClinicMind’s Software as a Platform (SaaP).

Documentation Flexibility


  • Reduce Documentation Time By up to 75%*
  • Effortlessly Document With Easy To Set Up Custom Macros
  • Easy Coding Within Documentation With Favorite Codes and Macros
  • Pre-fill Documentation Automatically From Intake Forms
  • Totally Unique Field Navigator System
  • Easy To Use 


  • Designed for Chiropractors
  • Works alongside the Patient Forms Template
  • Generates narratives or PDFs.
  • Users click buttons, and the template works independently, creating a polished output effortlessly.


An entire team of developers and business analysts work hard to update and create new tools and functionalities to ensure a smooth documentation experience for clinicians in both SuperNote and FlexNote.

Samples of xDocs Templates:

  • Acupuncture Visit/Treatment Note

  • Flexnote

  • Interprofessional Rehab Documentation

  • PBS Documentation

  • Patient Intake Form

Technology Flexibility

Cloud-Based Technology

  • Scalability – quickly and easily adjust computing power and storage resources for applications with variable workloads or sudden spikes in demand.
  • Reliability – built-in redundancy and fault tolerance reduce the risk of downtime.
  • Accessibility – access from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Transparent releases/Automatic Updates, backup, and disaster recovery

Client-Server Technology

Chiropractic office owners can use BulletProof Chiropractic, which is available on client-server technology.

BulletProof Chiropractic is committed to maintaining and continuing the development of its client-server software, which offers:

  • Familiarity for the practice owners used to client-server architecture
  • Control and customization over the hardware and software configurations.


Patient Health History
Customizable Care Plans
Medication History
Voice Transcription
Coding Macros
Documentation Templates
Note Assist Shortcuts
Specialty Template
Custom Template Creation
Patient Engagement Tools
Secure Patient/Provider Communication
Automatic Document Publishing
Publish Educational Documents From System To Patient
Electronic Signature
Electronic Faxing
Carry-Through Documentation
Patient Phone Number To Barcode
Patient Kiosk

Mobile EHR

Dawn Ruminski
Dawn Ruminski
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I am a physician that recently purchased a practice. Billing Dynamix EHR system was new to me and I am NOT tech savvy. However they assigned me a terrific training team to get me up to speed quickly. I have been in the office now a little over 90 days and can document with ease. I am able to quickly pull records that consistently astound my staff (who have worked with the system for the last 3+ years). There will always be questions but, I am able to call anytime and get fast reliable assistance. They have added items to their system at my request, they trouble shoot the rare glitch (I have had one they fixed really quickly) and they are super polite and encouraging in their training sessions. I highly recommend this system for any office EHR. They made me look brilliant for a boss who technology hates! -Billing Dynamix

Customer Service and Support You Can Count On

ClinicMind customer support is available 24/7 to answer questions.

Our service team coordinates follow-ups that suit both your convenience and productivity.

All software updates are communicated in advance and performed automatically in the cloud, with virtually no client impact.

Key Benefits

Increase Revenue​

Deploy AI technology specifically designed to get you paid faster. Automate claims process and never worry about timely filing or missed claim submissions again.

Improve Patient Retention

Free access to MyClinicMind Patient Portal allows patients to be more involved in their care. Our clinical and administrative automation frees up your time to focus on patient outcomes and improves their experience.

Boost Efficiency

Our comprehensive system works across all areas of your practice, giving you a cohesive look at your practice’s health. With built-in automation, patent-pending documentation efficiency tools, and our task management system, your entire team will breathe a sigh of relief.

Ensure Compliance

Compliance audits are on the rise. With our documentation and billing compliance check automations you can feel peace of mind in the event your clinic is subjected to an external audit.

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