Are You Hungry?

Great, now Reuven wants to know if I’m hungry. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about hunger pains or anything like that. I’m talking about drive, the hunger to stop at nothing to succeed. But I’m also not talking about it in the most general sense. In other words, we’re not talking about all those Youtube […]

AI in Medical Billing

AI has revolutionized many different industries, and healthcare is no exception. In recent years, medical billing has benefited greatly from using Artificial Intelligence.   Where are the major pain points in healthcare today? 1-Patients:  A major challenge today is long wait times. In 2022, the average wait time for a physician appointment in the 15 […]

Claim Denial Management

Partial denials cause the average medical practice to lose as much as 11% of its revenue (Capko, 2009).  Payers are known for denying claim payments for legitimate reasons (provider-generated errors) and arbitrary reasons, motivated by the inherent benefits of controlling the float for the maximal time (Stahl). Systematic denial management must address both kinds of […]

Computer-aided Patient Scheduling

Without a computerized scheduler, a practice has less than a 2% chance of earning the title of a “better-performing practice,” according to the Medical Group Management Association. Computerized scheduling helps decrease service costs, provide fairness in service delivery, increase patient satisfaction, and reduce waiting times (Zhang et al., 2019). A massive investment in scheduling features […]