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Key Benefits


Increase Revenue

Deploy AI technology specifically designed to get you paid faster. Automate claims process and never worry about timely filing or missed claim submissions again.


Improve Patient Retention

Free access to MyClinicMind Patient Portal allows patients to be more involved in their care. Our clinical and administrative automations free up your time to focus on the patient’s outcome and improve their experience.


Ensure Compliance

Compliance audits are on the rise. With our documentation and billing compliance check automations you can feel peace of mind in the event your clinic is subjected to an external audit.


Boost Efficiency

Our comprehensive system works across all areas of your practice giving you a cohesive look at your practice’s health. With built in automations, patent-pending documentation efficiency tools, and our task management system, your entire team will breathe a sigh of relief.

Did you Know?

1 %

The Medical Billing Services industry average denial rate for first submission claims can be as high as 20%

1 %

On average, up to 30% of a medical clinic's A/R is aged over 90 days, indicating potential issues with claim submissions or collections processes.

1 %

For medical clinics, bad debt can account for up to 5% of their total revenue. This includes unpaid patient balances and uncollectable insurance claims.

1 %

Studies have found that up to 80% of medical bills contain errors, which can lead to claim denials, delayed payments, and increased administrative costs.

1 %

Medical facilities spend up to 14.5% of their total revenue on billing and insurance-related activities, including staff salaries, claim processing, and collections.

$ 1

By one estimate, it costs the practice $25 to work each claim that is rejected.


After Six Months Of Going Live With ClinicMind, If You Don’t See A Reduction In Your A/R >120 Days Outstanding. We Will Credit You Back 100% Of Our Fee For Future Services.

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Get Paid More

Collections made easy with proprietary AI billing technology and custom automation.

Get Time Back

Use billing, documentation, reporting, and task automation to increase efficiency

Get Peace Of Mind

Compliance issues are a thing of the past with automated compliance support and expert advice

Better Reporting For Your Practice

See the most important metrics and KPIs for your practice in one place with customizable reports

A/R Reporting- See which accounts have an outstanding balance

Billing Stats report-allows you to find claims that need attention

Revenue By Provider

No Future Appointments Report– See which patients have no future appointments scheduled and set tasks for your front desk staff to follow up with patients

Payer Allowed Amounts Reportallows you to set an allowed amount by payer and it will flag claims that are being underpaid

Month-to-Date Expectations report– provides expected payments for the month

Check and Cash Reports- easier reconciliation

Action and Security Logs: View actions taken with timestamp and user data

Unsigned Notes Reporting: Accountability to complete documentation

Unbilled Visits: Easily see which visits do not have a claim associated with them

Visits Without Documentation: Accountability to complete documentation

We have hundreds more customizable reports and a team of dedicated professionals eager to help you create the best reports for your organization

  • Upon Check-in patients are automatically added to the Document and Bill Roster 
  • Auto generate claims upon signed notes (This can be turned off) 
  • Automate Claim Scrubbing to look for errors that could result in delay or denial with built-in AI technology
  • Automated patient statements 
  • Automatic patient balance payments
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We Improve Collections – Guaranteed

With ClinicMind medical billing services, we guarantee you’ll increase your collections and easily maintain compliance. After six months of going live with ClinicMind, if you don’t see a reduction in your A/R >120 days outstanding, we will credit you back 100% of our fee for future services.


Quality Assurance You Can Trust

When you work with ClinicMind, you get an experienced team of coding, billing, and medical compliance industry experts.

And because we understand how important compliance is, our quality assurance process involves three levels of meticulous inspection, with the last level of QA handled by our certified coders/billers who make sure your claims are flawless – so you get paid faster.


You See What We See

Unlike with other billing companies, ClinicMind ensures you always have full access to your complete billing data. You’ll never be in the dark, wondering about the status of your billing or claims. You’ll enjoy complete transparency into your billing and collections – without having to handle any of it yourself.


Scale on Your Schedule

Too many practitioners are caught in a vicious cycle: Their collections and cash flow issues are overwhelming, so they hire, train, and scale billing staff – which only creates more cash flow issues, especially if demand fluctuates. ClinicMind has the flexibility and staff to scale as your claims submissions vary and your practice grows.

Why Choose Us

72 mil claims
16,000 users
0 downtime
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Customer service & support you can count on!

ClinicMind customer support is available 24/7 to answer questions. Our service team works around schedules to follow up when it’s most convenient and less likely to impeded staff productivity. All software updates are communicated in advance and performed automatically in the cloud, with virtually no client impact.

See What’s Possible for Your Practice

Would you say no to a 20-30 minute time investment in a free clinic transformation consultation if it could save you hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars? P.S. No pushy salespeople. We promise.

Whether our system is for you or not, our clinic transformation consultations leave clinic owners and managers feeling more empowered to take the next steps after their consultation.

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Everything Your Practice Needs For One Low Price

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Specific Software Types

At ClinicMind, we understand that every medical specialty has its unique requirements and challenges. That’s why we’ve designed our software to cater to a wide range of healthcare practices while developing specialty-specific features for mental health and chiropractic professionals that are useful to other specialties as well.


Mental Health

From scheduling and authorization to documentation and claims submission, our EHR and RCM solution puts patient care first.



All-in-one practice management software that handles documentation, billing and compliance so you can focus on patient care and your bottom line.

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