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Scheduling and Payments

Task Management System


Boost Efficiency

Experience a panoramic view of your practice’s health, empowering your team’s efficiency with our advanced automation, AI documentation tools, and robust task management.

—Streamlining operations and lightening the workload for you and your team.


  • Upon Check-in, patients are automatically added to the Document and Bill Roster

  • Automated patient statements

  • Collect Patient Payments

  • Automatic Charge Entry

  • Automatic Superbills

  • Electronic Faxing

  • Workflow Automation

  • Create new patient accounts from the scheduling tab
  • Sign Queue
  • Patient Phone Number to Barcodes

Patient Care

  • Track Screening and assessment progress​
  • Customizable Care Plans​

Patient Experience 

  • Patient kiosks
  • Real-time Verification of Benefits
  • Fully Integrated with MyClinicMind Patient Portal

Better Reporting For Your Practice

Practice Health Dashboard

See the most important metrics and KPIs for your practice in one place with customizable reports.

Revenue Reports

A/R Reporting: See which accounts have an outstanding balance

Billing Stats: Allows you to find claims that need attention

No Future Appointments: See which patients have no future appointments scheduled and set tasks for your front desk staff to follow up with patients

Payer Allowed Amounts: Allows you to set an amount allowed by the payer, and it will flag claims that are being underpaid.

Month-to-Date Expectations: Provides expected payments for the month

Check and Cash: Easier reconciliation.

Compliance Reports

Action and Security Logs: View actions taken with timestamp and user data.

Unsigned Notes: Accountability to complete documentation.

Unbilled Visits: Easily see which visits do not have a claim associated with them.

Visits Without Documentation: Accountability to complete documentation.

We have hundreds more customizable reports and a team of dedicated professionals eager to help you create the best reports for your organization.

Lauren Monn
Lauren Monn
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Billing dynamix is an easy to use, extensive practice management service that I highly recommend. Jasper and the help team are very easy to work with and make training a smooth and understandable process. Would highly recommend to any practice looking to streamline their EHR system! - Billing Dynamix

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