My ClinicMind App New Features: Local Calendar Sync, PDF Signing, Enhanced Messaging, and More!

Version 4.0 is here and we’re excited to announce several new features to make your experience smoother and more efficient. Here’s what’s new:

Local Calendar Sync

Our new auto-sync feature makes it easier than ever for you to keep track of their appointments. Enabling auto-sync will automatically update all their future appointments in their chosen local calendar..

  • Prompted Setup: You’ll be prompted to enable auto-sync. If you prefer a later time, a helpful pop-up will guide you.
  • Automatic Updates: Choose a calendar, and all future appointments will sync automatically.
  • Flexible Options: Change your calendar or disable auto-sync anytime.
  • Mobile Only: This feature is available exclusively on mobile devices.


Signing Imported PDF Documents

You can now sign imported PDF documents directly within the appl.By clicking “Sign the Document,” you can easily add your signature to the last page of the file.


  • Convenient Signing: Quickly sign important documents and return them without hassle.
  • Streamlined Process: Enhances your experience by simplifying the document signing process.


Enhanced Messaging

Our messaging interface has been upgraded for better usability. Now, you can send messages and attachments instantly and with greater ease.

New Features:

  • Instant Messaging: Send messages and attachments quickly.
  • Attachment Sources: Attach photos, videos, files from your gallery or camera.
  • Download Management: Track download progress and preview image attachments.
  • File Icons: Easily identify attachment types with new file icons.


Bug Fixes and Optimizations:

We’ve also resolved the following issues and implemented optimizations to improve your overall experience:

  • Direct Schedule: Fixed the display issue for lead times under one hour, now showing “30 minutes” instead of “0.5 hours.”
  • Minor Tweaks: Resolved scrollbar overlaps on the insurance upload page and My Care Team section.
  • Appointment Cancellation Request: Fixed the immediate display issue of the ‘Cancellation Requested’ marker.
  • Appointment Reschedule Request: Patients cannot request reschedules on weekends if the practice has this option disabled.
  • Schedule Prompt: Added a prompt to contact the office if no schedules are configured.
  • Dialogs: Fixed clickability issues in the web version dialogs.
  • App Security: A blurred preview now appears when the app goes to the background to prevent content disclosure, and the lock screen appears immediately when the app resumes.


We hope these updates enhance your experience and make managing your appointments, documents, and messages easier than ever. Stay tuned for more improvements!

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