Dr. Yuval Lirov

Chief Executive Officer

As the founder of ClinicMind, Yuval has built a winning leadership team for the best practice management Software as a Service (SaaS) and RCM services. His team members have the courage to lead and make a lasting change in the healthcare industry.
Yuval is passionate about helping providers level the playing field with the payers. His Ph.D. work at Washington University in St. Louis focused on using Artificial Intelligence for conflict resolution and air-to-air combat applications. He applied his experience later in telecommunications (AT&T Bell Labs), FinTech (Salomon Brothers and Lehman Brothers), and HealthTech (ClinicMind). He has authored multiple patents, books, and publications about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications.
Commitment to the provider’s success and self-sufficiency are key to Yuval’s business management philosophy, where teamwork leads to a virtuous feedback cycle triggered by all ClinicMind service members using same ClinicMind software built for the providers. The service and the software development departments feed each other with improvement ideas based on their personal experience. It is rooted in learning from failures and fostering a culture of teamwork and continuous improvement.