ClinicMind Mobile EHR Update: Improved Patient Creation Form, Duplication Checks, Enhanced Messaging, and More!

We’re thrilled to give you a range of new features and enhancements for our ClinicMind mobile EHR app version 4.0. These updates are designed to streamline patient management, improve communication, and enhance overall usability. 

Here’s a breakdown of what’s new:

Improved Patient Creation Form

Creating a new patient profile is now more organized and user-friendly. The patient creation form has been revamped to include four distinct tabs:

  • Patient Info
  • Primary Insurance
  • Secondary Insurance
  • Guarantor Details

This structured approach ensures that the app efficiently captures all essential information for the billing process.


Duplication Checks

To prevent redundant entries and ensure data integrity, we’ve implemented duplication checks for both patients and appointments.

  • New Patient: If a similar account is found during account creation, you’ll be prompted to either select the existing account or proceed with creating a new one.
  • New Appointment: When scheduling a new appointment, you’ll be alerted if an appointment with the same patient already exists.


Improved Messaging Interface

Our messaging interface has been upgraded to enhance usability and functionality.

  • Instant Messaging: Patients can now send messages and attachments instantly.
  • Attachment Options: Attachments can include camera photos, videos, gallery images, and files.
  • Download and Preview: Patients can download attachments, monitor download progress, and preview image attachments. File icons will now indicate the type of attachment.


Enhancement and Bug Fixes

 To improve the overall performance and reliability of the app, here are the improvements we’ve addressed for this update:

  • Create Appointment: The appointment recurrence is now a generic dropdown and does not conflict with patient search.
  • Appointment Blocks: Fixed issue with updating similar blocks not refreshing the scheduler correctly.
  • Theme Setup: Fixed theme loading issue on some Android devices where default colors were shown.
  • Tasks Management: Fixed the typeahead field in the “Re-Assign” bottom sheet to show current results.
  • App Security: Added a blurred foreground when the app is in the background to prevent content disclosure.


These updates reflect our ongoing commitment to improving your  mobile EHR experience with ClinicMind. We’re excited for you to try these new features and stay tuned for more updates.

an ever. Stay tuned for more improvements!

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